I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness

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I am a “witness,” but I’m not a “Jehovah’s” Witness! I’m a witness just like every witness in the New Testament! (IMT) a witness of that name “above every name” (Iph 1:21)—JESUS! That’s right! “Jesus’Witness!” Let’s talk about this, and use only the New World Translation (NWT). Isn’t it true that the last words of a friend are those you would treasure the most? On the Mount of Olives, these are Jesus’ last words to his disciples: “YOU WIU BE WITNESSES OF ME” (fids 1:8). That’s what it is to “believe in Jesus!”—to know him, to love him, to follow him, and to honor those last words—to be a witness of him!

“We are witnesses,” Peter said, of Jesus’ death, bur­ial, and resurrection (fiefs 3:15; 4:33). In fact, he said, even the Holy Spirit is a “witness” of Jesus! Listen to him: “We are witnesses of these matters, and so is the holy spirit” (fiefs 5:32). Jesus said the same: “The spirit… wit­ness”—”about me!” (John 15:26-27). In fact, “all the prophets” are “witnesses” of Jesus! Peter said, “To him all theprophets bear witness, that everyone putting faith in him gets for­giveness of sins through his name” (fiefs 10:43). Make no mistake about it—a true Christian is a “Jesus” witness! Followers of Jesus, Paul said, are “his witnesses!” (fiefs 13:31); not “Jehovah’s” witnesses, but “his witnesses!”

What message did Saul of Tarsus preach as soon as he was converted? “Jesus!” (fiefs 9:20). What message did the Ethiopian eunuch need to hear? “Jesus!” (fiefs 8:35), and Cornelius? “Jesus!” (fiefs 10:42-43), and the Philippian jailor? “Jesus!” (fiefs 16:31). At Ephesus Apollos preached “Jesus!” (fiefs 18:25), and at Achaia “Jesus!” (fiefs 18:28). At Thessalonica Paul preached “Jesus!” (Aefsl7:3), and at Athens “Jesus!” (fiefs 17:18), and at Corinth “Jesus!” (fiefs 18:5), to whom he de­clared, “We preach Christ!” (ICor 1:23), and even went so far as to say, he didn’t want to “know anything among them except Jesus Christ!” (I Cor 2:2).

This is one of the most prominent truths displayed in all the NT—that Christians are Jesus people! They talk about Jesus, preach about Jesus, and sing about Jesus! They’re “Christians!” “YOU WILL BE WITNESSES OF ME!” People are labeled after the one they follow. The early Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s) were called “Russellites.” Why? because they followed Charles Russell. If early NT believers were followers of “Jehovah,” “proclaiming Jehovah’s kingdom,” they would not have been called “Christians” (fiefs 11:26), but “lehovahiansl” or “lehovahilcsl” or “lehovah’s Witnesses!” but not “Christians!” That name is reserved for Jesus people!


The Watchtower (WT) teaches JWs that calling God by his personal name, which they say is “Jehovah,” is of the utmost importance. They say God’s true followers can be identified by their use of “Jehovah” in their prayers, con­gregational singing, preaching, and Bible study. JW’s are taught that God’s true name was removed from the Bible by superstitious scribes (a claim based upon no facts what­soever!), but that the nwt has “faithfully” restored God’s name in the OT where the Hebrew consonants “YHWH” appear. In fact, even in the NT, the NW translators have inserted the name “Jehovah” at their own discretion. The WT may be justified in rendering God’s name, “Jehovah,” in its version of the OT, but not in inserting it 237 times in the NT where there’s no evidence at all that the NT writ­ers used God’s name. Of the 5,000 Greek manuscripts we possess today of the NT, not a single one contains God’s full name. In this respect, the NWT is guilty of adding to God’s Word, which he strictly warns against! (Pro 30:6; Rev 22:18-19). By inserting “Jehovah” where it doesn’t belong in the NT, the NWT distorts Jesus’ identity by creating an artificial distinction between him and “Jehovah.”

Though the JW’s insist on calling God “Jehovah” in prayer, in the Lord’s Prayer Jesus tells us to address God as “Father.” He said, “You must pray, then, this way: ‘Our Father…'” (Matt 6:9). For Jesus, sanctifying God’s name had to do with what that name stood for, not with a certain pronun­ciation of it. Why didn’t he teach his disciples to pray “Our Jehovah”? Do you call your earthly father by his first name or do you call him “Dad” or “Daddy”? Jesus had a clos

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