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Evangelizing and Teaching Tracts….


Evangelizing Tracts


A Message Of Hope

Accepted Myths You Should Avoid 

Ultimate Questions

Which Way To God

God In Christ

Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God By Johnathan Edwards

Pardon For the Greatest Sinner

Salvation In Christ

The Vain Securities Of The Wicked

The Coming Judgement By C.H. Spurgeon

In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes

In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes (2)

Look Onto Me And Be Ye Saved By C.H. Spurgeon

The Word Of Salvation Sent To Sinners

The Wrath Of God

Turn or Burn by C.H. Spurgeon

What is the Christian Faith     PDF

All Comers To Christ Welcomed by C.H. Spurgeon   PDF

Condemned And Awaiting Execution   PDF

Free Grace By C.H. Spurgeon   PDF

Hung On The Tree    PDF

John Jasper   PDF

Simple Simon   PDF

Penniless Paupers    PDF

Good Ole Uncle Elmer    PDF


Teaching Tracts



Not all who call Jesus “Lord” will enter His Kingdom  PDF

Doctrine Of Grace (TULIP)   PDF

The NIV Bible Exposed

How Do I Stand Before God?

Faith and Obedience Part 1: Law and Grace by Mark Rushdoony   PDF

Faith and Obedience Part 2: The Importance of the Law by R.J. Rushdoony    PDF

Faith and Obedience Part 3: The Law as Revelation and Treaty by R.J. Rushdoony     PDF

Faith and Obedience Part 4: The Direction of the Law by R. J. Rushdoony  PDF

Biblical Comforts For Grieving Parents     PDF

The Truth About Halloween  PDF

The Sovereignty of God     PDF

Historical Narrative #6 by Ichabod Spencer – Election  PDF

They Shall Never Perish   PDF

The Triune God  PDF

“I lay down my Life for the Sheep”      PDF

The True Church   PDF

Carnal Christians    PDF

Do You Love Jesus Or Your Sins?    PDF

Look and Live   PDF

God’s Part And Man’s Part In Salvation   PDF

On The Kings Mission   PDF

Compel Them To Come In   PDF

I‘m Not A Jehovah’s Witness   PDF

Where Was God on September 11?  PDF

Born-again ism   PDF

A Barbarian Captive   PDF

Baptism or Christ    PDF

Baptismal Regeneration    PDF

Baptismal Regeneration By C.H. Spurgeon  PDF

What the Bible Says About Forgiveness   PDF

The Word Of God   PDF

The Patience Of Job  PDF

How Incurable God’s Lovers Should Discuss Theology   PDF

Fetching Grace   PDF


These tracts reveal the secrets of the “faiths” contrary to the Bible…


Roman Catholic


Roman Catholics are Asking…    PDF

Are you Right With God?    PDF

Roman Catholicism  Scriptures vs. Tradition   PDF

Roman Catholicism, The Judaizers, and the Book of Galatians   PDF

The Roman Catholic Sacrifice of The Mass    PDF


Jehovah’s Witness


Facts The Watchtower Society Doesn’t Want You Know   PDF

Jehovah’s Witness and John’s Gospel    PDF

Questions for Jehovah’s Witness  PDF

The Watchtower and the worship of Jesus    PDF

False Prophecies And The Jehovah’s Witnesses   PDF

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Refuted By Their Own Bible   PDF

Jehovah’s Witnesses-Refuted By Their Own Bible (2)   PDF

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Refuted By Their Own Bible (3)  PDF

Jehovah’s Witnesses Proof-Text answered   PDF

The Watchtower Exposed  PDF

The Watchtower Trinity Booklet Exposed  PDF

44 Reasons Why The Watchtower Society Could Never Be God Organization   PDF

Illusions Of Jehovah’s Witness   PDF

The Famous Chain Of The Watchtower Society   PDF

Salvation Watchtower Style vs. Salvation in Christ   PDF




Muhammad and Jesus Christ    PDF

Allah and God of the Bible    PDF

The Truth of Islam   PDF




Speaking in Tongues    PDF

The Charismatic Movement   PDF

The Apostles And The Gifts    PDF


Seventh Day Adventists


Seventh Day Adventist and the New Covenant    PDF

Seventh Day Adventists  PDF

Seventh-Day Adventism: A Church built on Assumption  PDF

“Jesus said He didn’t come to destroy the Law”    PDF

Why “Jewish Sabbath” Keepers Run & Hide from the Testimony Of the Early Church Fathers!   PDF

A “House of Cards” “The Rise of Sunday Observance” by Seventh-Day Adventists   PDF

Questions that Silence “Jewish Sabbath” Keepers   PDF

Assemblies Of Yahweh


Jacob O. Meyer and The Assemblies Of Yahweh   PDF




The Mormon Message Exposed   PDF

The Strange Doctrine Of Mormonism    PDF